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Shiatsu (japanese shi=finger, atsu=pressure) is a hands-on therapy developed
in Japan, but based on traditional chinese medicine. Energy flows through the
body indifferent channels called meridians. If there is a blockage in the energy,
the body reacts with a variety of symptomes. The state of being not really ill, but
not really healthy either is where shiatsu can support your imunesystem. The main
purpose of shiatsu is to support and restore the energy flow. To achieve this,the
practitioner uses not so much her muscles as her bodyweight to lean with her hands,
fingers and elbows on the meridians,doing so in a mindful, respectful and sensitive
way.When blockages are released and energy flows unhindered through the body,
increasedvitality and a deep sense of well-being ensue.

A shiatsu treatment takes place on a futon on the floor in comfortable clothes and is
suitable for all age groups.

"Alles ist wie der Ozean, alles fliesst und berührt sich. An einer Stelle rührst du es an und am anderen Ende der Welt wird es gespürt und hallt wider."

private practice for shiatsu, craniosacral therapy and physiotherapy phone 030/50180122 | praxis@mb-physio.de

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